Entrepreneur of the Year

We are delighted to shine the spotlight on a local business that worked with our mentors to achieve success.

Assaf Shami

Assaf Shami, owner of WebtrixPro was honored as the 2017/18 Entrepreneur of the Year for the South Palm Beach chapter of SCORE. This award celebrates the best of South Florida’s small businesses that exhibit outstanding achievements and success as a result of the SCORE mentoring program.

Assaf’s business joins other honorees and their mentors who are recognized for their small business success stories, diverse business interests and experience. Shami explains, “being part of the SCORE mentor program has been a rewarding experience in many different ways, the Entrepreneur of Year Award is just icing on the cake”. Together, award winners and their mentors exemplify the spirit of small business in the United States.

Assaf was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel and following completion of full military service as an undercover intelligence police officer in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), he moved to Dallas, TX to begin academic studies. He has lived in South Florida for over 20 years. He has been a lifelong entrepreneur, having launched a technology-based company in 2000 to capitalize on his expertise in business administration and MIS. He founded WebtrixPro in 2004.

WebtrixPro is a web software consulting and development agency specializing in the design and development of custom mobile apps, custom cloud software applications and custom websites.