How SCORE Helped: 

Our 31-year-old Entrepreneur of the Year, Ankit Jain, would be the first to tell you he loves being an entrepreneur. Coming from a very entrepreneurial Indian family, it was no surprise when he walked away from his Master’s in Computer Science to start his manufacturing company.

But being passionate about entrepreneurship and knowing how to execute your passion are two very different things, and that’s where SCORE came in. Ankit knew he needed a savvy business Mentor and he found the perfect fit at our office, where he met Herb Douglas, a retired nationally known marketer.

With Herb’s tutelage and Ankit’s energy and drive the business was successfully launched in 2010 with “cute and fun” earbuds, with initial sales of about $25,000. Five years later, with a host of additional home products including pillows, throws, and wall canvases, the company now sells over $1,300,000 yearly, and its products can be found in over 8000 stores worldwide.

ANKIT’S ADVICE FOR ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS: “You don’t know enough to do it by yourself. Team up with a great Mentor at SCORE. They have an amazing staff and they will help you achieve your dream. And it’s a free service”.



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